So You Wanna Marry My Son?

Hello lovely readers, and welcome to “So You Wanna Marry My Son?”.

This blog was born out of the ever developing relationship between myself and the Mother in Law (MIL).  It is still developing, although not always in a good way.

It is so entitled as these were the words I know she wanted to shout at me on our first meeting, but manners simply wouldn’t allow.  So she silently glared it at me instead.

After yet another passive-aggressive spat with the MIL recently I came to realise that some of her retorts are actually quite priceless…and would be really quite funny were they not aimed at me, the obviously perfect daughter in law (DIL).

For example, on announcing our engagement over dinner her first response to myself and the husband was:

“Well, I suppose it is easy enough to get divorced these days.”

Said absolutely deadpan before she calmly carried on eating her meal.  It is only now, being happily married to the son for four years, that I am beginning to see the funny side.

Hence THE BLOG. *Strokes blog lovingly*.  I have decided to chronicle some of my MIL’s behaviour, and FIL too for that matter, for the following reasons:

  1. It may just keep me sane
  2. It may one day make me laugh.
  3. I have a son.  Let this serve as a timely reminder of what not to say to his lady, or gentleman, of choice in later years.
  4. I am simply not brave enough to have it out with her and am an utter coward.  It will also be MUCH easier to bite my tongue if I know that I can escape here later.
  5. It will let you other  poor, poor, long-suffering DILs and SILs know that you are not alone.  Let this be your refuge.  Come in, pull up a chair, grab a drink and tell me all about it.


Please do tell me all about it.

I am going to put together the ultimate collection of MIL, FIL, sister and brother-in law experiences for us all to share.  I need your quotes, your experiences, and I promise to keep things absolutely anonymous.

I will also be providing plenty of my own.

If you wish to add to the collection, and I do so hope that you will, please e-mail me at

Or you can find me on twitter.

Complete discretion guaranteed.

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